Nov 172011

Zero Tolerance has just released a new line of lubricants through reputable manufacturer Evolved Novelties to help meet the needs of their customers. If you’re a fan of Zero Tolerance movies (you should be, they’re one of the best studios around ;p), then you’ll probably enjoy their lubricants. Designed for customers who might not normally be looking for lubes, these innovative lubricants fulfill a number of niches that are often left untouched.

In total, four new lubricants have been released. These are:

Cock Cologne, which is formulated to control odor when it comes to a man’s delicate area. It’s gentle enough for everyday use and is made from natural ingredients. We highly recommend this product for any man, regardless of how clean he thinks he is. Anything to further entice a lady is good!

Fuck Forever, which is designed to help increase stamina and performance. You’ll never have to worry about getting off too early with this spray. Your woman will absolutely love it, we’re sure.

Jack Aide is a silicone lubricant made for intense masturbation. Avoid damage by using this great lubricant. it’s condom and toy safe too, so it has a number of uses beyond pure masturbation. What are you waiting for?

Boob Lube is the final lubricant from Zero Tolerance. This is the only one that isn’t geared specifically toward men. It’s great for all sexual practices. It’s completely odorless and contains no flavor additives. It’s also condom and toy safe!

From Zero Tolerance:

Zero Tolerance has launched a new line of male sex toys, extending its film studio brand to the fast growing novelty market. The first Zero Tolerance Toys include: Jack-Aide, a masturbation lubricant; Crossbones, an innovative line of cock rings; Glory Holes, unique masturbator sleeves complete with POV DVDs; Oral Sex Candy, water-based flavored oral sex spray; and Cock Cologne, which is described as penis freshener spray. The line also is rolling out Foaming Masturbator Cleaner, a cleanser and sanitizer for Glory Holes; Fuck Forever, a de-sensitizing spray; and Boob Lube, a lubricant designed for mammary intercourse.

This brand is exciting to our ZT DVD consumer, primarily because it is innovative. There has been a void in the market for a product line such as ZT Toys that speaks directly to the ultra-masculine man who wants to basically fuck better. All aspects of this line from the packaging to the promotion speak to this consumer. It is about time for an ultra-masculine, male targeted toy line. Zero Tolerance Toys adult products following the in the footsteps of its big sister brand, Zero Tolerance Studios

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