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Tired of your spouse not being around when you’re in the mood? Well here at Giggles we have the Clone-A-Willy. It’s an at home molding kit. The Kit Comes in multiple colors as well as [...]

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Finger Vibes

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Do you love the way your lovers’ hands feel and the way they touch you? Why not make their touch a bit more sensational with the Blush Finger Vibe? This 7 function vibrator has a [...]

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Dynamo Delay

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Is premature ejaculation an issue in your love life? The perfect solution for you is at your nearest Giggles! Dynamo Delay by Screaming O is a male genital desensitizing spray. This spray will help you [...]

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Pocket Exotics

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When you’re all alone do you like having fun in the dark but have problems losing your toy afterwards? Then come to Giggles today and check out our Glow in the Dark Pocket Exotics by [...]

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Venus Milk

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Want to try a body wash that’s meant to hydrate your skin as well as keeping it fresh and clean? Why not try Milk by Venus? This aromatic body wash not only cleans your pores [...]

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Go Girl

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Ladies, ladies, ladies, are you tired of not being able to use the bathroom outdoors? Having to squat in the wilderness while camping or just an emergency and have a sudden urge to use the [...]

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Gag Gifts

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Want to play a couple of pranks on your friends or family? Or even your partner? Come to Giggles and check out our gag section. We have almost any type of gag you’d like to [...]

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Zolo Pocket Pool

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Zolo Pocket Pool masturbators are great for a quick game on the go. With 6 different styles, you’re sure to find one that you love. Do you travel a lot? These are the perfect size [...]

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Love Coupons

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship? Then come to Giggles today and check our collection of Love coupons. We have a wide selection to choose from. We carry some for [...]

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Do you enjoy baths but are looking for something to make it a bit more arousing? Why not give Dona’s Arousing Herbal Bath Essences a try? It’s an aphrodisiac infused, cruelty/paraban free, natural bath made [...]

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Sexy Sheriff Costume

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Fall is here, and everyone’s favorite holiday is fast approaching: Halloween! Come to Giggles and shop our selection of Halloween costumes and Halloween lingerie. (Credit to our awesome employee Ashley for pic and content!) #Giggles [...]

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Private Secretary

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Do you and your partner want to spice things up in the bedroom? Or do you want to dress up sexy for Halloween? Why not come to Giggles and see this costume and the other [...]

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Treasures of the Sea by Kama Sutra

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Would you like to transform your normal bubble bath into a deep sea of relaxation? Why not try Treasures of the Sea luxury bathing kit by Kama Sutra? Made with seaweed, sea salt and other [...]

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Anal Fantasy Adventure Kit

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Do you like to adventure with your partner? Well with Anal Fantasy’s Adventure kit, now you can go to places unknown! Have you always wanted to try anal play but didn’t know what you like? [...]

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Icicles No. 10 — Gold Edition

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Are you into taking anal fun a new level? If you are, come to Giggles today and check out Icicles No.10 by Pipe dream-- The Gold Edition! Each Icicle is hand-crafted with great attention to [...]

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