Au Natural Antonio

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Come to Giggles and check out Blush Novelties’ new Au Natural line. These toys are made with sensa feel technology so each Au Natural dildo is feels just like the real thing. Stop in and [...]

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Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

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Looking for a stunningly sexy pair of new heels? Try Ellie shoes! Ellie shoes are the perfect shoes for fun out on the town or some steamy foreplay in the bedroom. Ellie shoes are the [...]

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BJ Blast

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If you like pop rocks, you would definitely enjoy the BJ Blast oral sex candy! This candy will make things in the bedroom a little more interesting and more enjoyable for both people involved. Feel [...]

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Rain of Love

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Arouse her G-Spot, and intensify her orgasm with Shunga’s Rain Of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream. It’s made to increase stimulation so she can be completely pleasured. Try it with a partner, or try it during [...]

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Jumbo Rumblers Typhoon

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Come to Giggles today and get shook with the Jumbo Rumblers Typhoon from Blush! The Typhoon is a wired super bullet covered in TPE ticklers for added sensation. The deep, rumbly vibrations will shake up [...]

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Ellie Shoes- Zebra

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Are you going to the club but have no shoes to wear? Or are looking for a more adventurous shoe? Well you’re in luck, come to Giggles today and check out our stock of shoes [...]

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Giggles now carries Pre-Seed, for use when you’re trying to get pregnant. Pre-Seed is from the same company that makes First Response pregnancy tests. Pre-Seed is said to mimic your own fertility fluids, and help [...]

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Intimate Organics Sensual

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Bubble baths are a great way for couples to enjoy intimate time together while relaxing! So why not make that bath more enjoyable with Intimate Organics Sensual aromatherapy bubble bath? This certified USDA organic foaming [...]

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Sex Therapy Kit

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Have you and your partner been lacking that special spark you once had? Well, we might have just the thing for you! The Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers by Pipedream is a great way to [...]

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Gummy Panties

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Try on these edible gummy panties! They come in many different flavors, for both him and her to wear. These will be sure to satisfy your partner’s sweet tooth. Come get yours at Giggles today! [...]

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Mack Tuff XL Tire Ring

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Bring your erections to the next level with the Mack Tuff XL Tire Ring! It takes a big man to use the Mack Tuff Tire Ring, are you up to the challenge? The Tire Ring [...]

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Wicked Products

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Are you tired of feeling like you’re not getting the right clean? Well Wicked has created all natural deep cleaning cleansers for your toys! With a foam option or a spray with no harsh chemicals [...]

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BJ Blast

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Want to make your oral sex life a bit more interesting? Why not try BJ Blast? Similar to the Pop Rocks candy that we used to enjoy as kids, we now can enjoy them as [...]

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Neon Lil’ Rabbit

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Don’t let the size of this little bunny fool you! With the dial, you can have many vibrations to pick from. Its small size makes it easy to bring along with you on the go. [...]

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Are you tired of the normal lube and want to try something new? Then come to Giggles today and try Spunk Pure silicone lube. Spunk Pure silicone lube is the finest available today. You will [...]

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