Anal Lubes

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Do you and your lover like a little anal play but don’t like all the pain? Then come to Giggles and check out our selection of anal gels, lubes, desensitizers and relaxing creams. We carry [...]

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Comfortably Numb

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Having a little tushy trouble? Well, there’s no need to be in discomfort anymore with Comfortably Numb! This flavored desensitizing cream is made to reduce the uneasiness and will help bring pleasure to both you [...]

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Does your skin feel like it's just not getting enough moisture? Well, Dona's bath additives can make your skin feel like new! Dona is very simple to use. All you have to do is add [...]

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Shredded jeans are all the rage these days but what about shredded tops or shorts? Mapale has made this edgy style in both boy short style and cropped tank. The shreds are left with their [...]

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He blindfolds me. Everything is pitch black. I feel the sturdy yet soft cuffs around my wrists, slowly getting tighter and tighter as I pull. I sit there in silence, wondering what my masters next [...]

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Leg Avenue Lingerie

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Are you in the market for a little something new and sexy? We have got all the selection that you’ll need! With so many amazing Leg Avenue lingerie products, you’ll be sure to fall in [...]

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If you are looking for a hot new toy that not only looks great to add to your collection but also vibrates, then come into Giggles to get this 10 function glass g-spot vibe made [...]

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Pink Playful Thoughts

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Introducing the Pink Playful Thoughts line here at Giggles! One of the wands has dual functions-- it’s a vibe that thrusts too! Don’t let me forget about the vibe that looks like a rabbit but [...]

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Breast Enhancer

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If you’re looking for a great product to sensually stimulate your breasts, then you definitely need these amazing silicone breast enhancers! Excite your nipples and tickle your tatas with intense vibrations and strong suction. These [...]

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Bullet Buddies

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Bullets never looked so fun and friendly before the Bullet Buddies by Screaming O! These cute critters come in a variety of animals: Bear, Bunny, Dolphin, Monkey, and Worm. They come with a replaceable battery [...]

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Looking for a new way to spice things up in the bedroom? Here at Giggles we have the Tailz to transform your partner into the majestic animal of your choice! Come on down to any [...]

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Fifty Shades of Grey– Submit to Me

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Are you looking for a beginners bondage kit to initiate the deluge into seduction for you and your lover? If so, then Fifty Shades of Grey has the perfect kit for you! This kit comes [...]

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Dreamgirl Panties

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Hello ladies! Are you looking for something sexy to wear for your lover but don’t want a whole outfit? Come to Giggles today and check out our selection of Dreamgirl panties. We have a wide [...]

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Drinking Games

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Looking for a new drinking game for you and your buddies? Here at Giggles, we have a lot of games but these drinking games will never just have you sitting around bored! Check out the [...]

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Funny TP

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Is your bathroom lacking personal style? Are you and your anus tired of boring two-ply? Are your daily deuces lacking a source of entertainment? All of these problems can be easily solved with any one [...]

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